Jaya Suprana

Born in Denpasar, 27 January 1949, Jaya Suprana is known as a multitalented culture enthusiast whose works are known to be in very diverse fields. Jaya Suprana is a pianist, composer, writer, caricaturist, philosopher (klirumology&humorology), public speaker, TV presenter and the founder of Indonesia World Record Museum or also widely known as MURI.

Graduated with summa cum laude from MusikhochschuleMuenster and Folkwanghoschule Essen, Germany, he founded Jaya Suprana School of Performing Arts alongside AylawatiSarwono in 2009.

This school is his dedication to create opportunities and a sociocultural creative platform for talented individuals.

Aylawati Sarwono

Having the passion for performing arts since she was little, AylawatiSarwono, has suceededin creating international performing arts events in, Carnegie Hall (New York), UNESCO Paris, Sydney Opera House (Australia), and etc.

With a solid background on traditional dance she has produced works that features other Indonesian talents. Some of these works are: Contemporary Wayang Orang titled “BanjaranGatotKaca” (2010), Children Drama Musical “We Are All One” (2014), Children Wayang Orang “WangsaBharata” (2014), Wayang Orang “SathaKurawa” (2016), Wayang NKRI “ParikesitJumeneng Nata” (2017), and etc.

Our Team

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Acting Deputy General Manager

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Head of Music Division

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Administration Staff

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